Technical coaching and bespoke training for software teams and developers

We help software developers and teams achieve greater business impact through best development practices.

How do we help you and your team?

We focus on fundamentals, methodologies, and best practices, technical and management techniques, above specific technologies and frameworks.

  • Automated Testing
  • Software Design
  • Product Orientation
  • High-Performance Teams
  • Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Software Architecture
  • Continuous Learning

We provide customized coaching and training services to individuals and businesses.

Technical Coaching

Improve your team's practices and processes with 100% hands-on coaching and mentoring.

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Development Bootcamps

Comprehensive training programs in agile software development and good technical practices.

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Bespoke Training

Short-term, expert-level intensive courses on a specific technique or methodology.

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Technical Coaching

Is your team drowning in incident resolution, and taking longer and longer to deliver quality software on time?

We will integrate into your daily routine to help you review your processes and technical and management practices, assist in defining a technical vision, and empower you to execute it effectively.

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Development Best Practices Bootcamps

Are you looking to bring technical talent into your company and want to ensure they come in with sufficient expertise? Or perhaps you want to take internal talent to the next level?

With our training programs in best engineering practices, you will maximize the business impact of your engineering team.

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Customized Training

Does your team have very specific training needs?

We design and deliver intensive courses at the expert level, covering specific techniques and methodologies that are immediately applicable to your project.

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Let experts guide your team

Pedro Pardal

Founder, Software Craftsman & Technical Coach

What are our customers saying?

Discover how our customers have transformed their teams with the support of our guidance.

From new hire to senior in 3 months without disrupting team productivity

After defining the career plan for the employees in AIDA's engineering department, they identify the need to find mid-level talent to join their teams.
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How to achieve technical excellence and high team performance in 3 months.

We wanted to kickstart a 'powerful overhaul' in the development of our product, and for that, it was necessary for the existing team to learn and receive training.
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